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when i first start the car, sometimes the alternator light will stay on for a minute, sometimes until i give it a little bit of gas. when that happens the light goes off and the dome light gets noticeably brighter. it almost seems like the alternator isn't kicking in until just over 1000 revs. is it as simple as my alternator being tired and about to go? -josh

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Re: alternator light (Phateless)

mine is like that also..
its the alternator brushings i think
see the idle has to come to a certain rpm to make it go out
when my idle was wonky it was high and it didnt come on and stay on
now that its fixed...sometimes in the morning the isv kicks up the rpms a tad for it to go out, sometimes it doesnt
i dunno....

p.s no ur alternator should be fine, they usualy die when the light is solid on while drivng, it'll give u some notice

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