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alternator Q

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Would a 90 Corrado G60 use the same alternator as a mkI or MkII? for some reason I can't remember if they used a 90 amp alternator or not.
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Re: alternator Q (veedubBiker)

90 amp is correct sir http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: alternator Q (veedubBiker)

Believe the mounting is different due to the supercharger. I almost got a MkI or II alternator from a parts place by mistake once, and it looked nearly identical, except for one mounting point was missing.
Re: alternator Q (autopimp)

Yeah thats right...On my old 8v there were like 3 V-belts too instead of a serpentine belt, and the belt tensioner is on the alternator mounting point instead of the belt tensioner that we have....I knew there was a difference there someplace. Maybe I can find one and just borrow the Vreg.
my alternator is the same as corrado!

oh,golfg60 only to europe...
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Re: (carrizog60)

if it means anything to you, i've seen in person a 16V alternator housing (g6016v) with an 8v guts..
don't ask how, but thats what the guy said. He fabbed his g6016V all by himself, no parts cept the fuel rail were pre-made iirc.
white g60 16v, really nice car.
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