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aluminized or Stainess steel

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so i want an exhaust for my 88 1.8 16v and im looking at the tt with borla but im not sure which one to get. aluminized or Stainess steel? i live in houston so im not that worried about rust but im not to fermilliar with aluminized exhausts. from what i understand the only difference is that that one can rust and the stainless one cant. is there any other differences. i dont mind shedding the extra money but if i dont have to i dont see why i should. thought and any info on comparing the two will help. thanks. oh also where is the cheapest i can find these i have looked around and got some prices but im not to sure exactly where to look. thanks
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Aluminized for a daily driver.

Stainless for a show car.

(it's exhaust, why spend extra money on something you can't see?)
Stainless should still last longer. The other thing to consider is sound - aluminized is usually heavier gauge material and (I could be blowin' smoke here) should be a little less resonant/sharp sounding.
so you think the ss one would sound better? if i keep the car for a long time and decide to go turbo would the ss be the best choice or is it basically the same stuff as far as heat goes. where do you guys buy your exhaust from?
i agree with aluminized being used for a daily driver. i have TT stainless, but that is b/c my gti is a summer/show car and it sits a lot.
The differences are rust and cost. Being where you are, the only rust you might see is from the water by-product from the CAT, and that shouldn't take much if any life off of the system. SS will look nice, but is the extra cost worth what isn't seen 99.9% of the time. If you lived in the NE and planned on keeping the car for a long time, I would think the SS would be a heavy contender. My choice is the aluminized.
is there a noticeable weight difference between the two?
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