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amazing starter problem

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ok guys, my wife has a 96 cabrio manual transmission. I've taken it to 3 different shops that only work on euro cars, and i'm doing my best to keep it away from the dealership. No one can tell me what the problem is. When you turn the ignition, there is a loud buzzing sound in the dash. I removed the wire from the starter that takes the signal from the ignition to the starter, and when I turned the key the tester light showed that the signal was getting there. If I stick a screw driver in the slot where the wire goes I can ground out the starter and the car starts. But when I put the wire into the slot, nothing but the buzzing sound from the dash. I think it might be the clutch relay, but no one can tell me where the clutch relay is. Anyone have any ideas???
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Re: amazing starter problem (tairuq)

i cant help you but you may have a better shot at getting a qualified answer in the 2.0L tech forum http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: amazing starter problem (RyVR6)

ignition circuit it is at the base of the key cylinder. Heavy keychains have been known to cause this also something about substandard wiring for the volts that go through it. sub standard on a VW
Try wiggling your key at the end of the turning it if you get no start or tweaking on it till it almost snaps or hit the dash a bit?~ part for me was $35 dealer wanted 2.5 hrs labor!! they never saw that money~~!!
I'm thinking this is your prob I could be wrong anybody else?
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