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AMS DigiProm???

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I was just wondering if any of you have this thing, if so how well does it work? Is it worth the 200$ to get it done???
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Re: AMS DigiProm??? (eurozex)

if you plan to get a cam or ABA conversion then do those first before you get the AMS chip so they can program it to the mods. Yes, it's worth getting for the extra little bit of pull, but sucks because you have to shell out extra dough for high octane gas.
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Re: AMS DigiProm??? (vwtoys)

Worht it or not, if you want a chip for you digifant, AMS is the only company that makes them...
Re: AMS DigiProm??? (Ted)

hey All... where can i get some info on the Digiprom.. AMS wwebsite no longer lists ANYTHING for the A2's... any ideas ?
Re: AMS DigiProm??? (Kritter)

just send them an e-mail. i did that and they got back to me the very next morning.
However, do the cam and ABA swap, if you're planning on doing either of those, FIRST. that way AMS can program it right with whatever cam and block you're running.
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