Join us for a hands-on look at our top choices of original Volkswagen Accessories for the newest generation of cars. We used a 2019 Volkswagen Jetta for test fitting and photographs, and although part numbers might change, most are available for other new Volkswagen cars as well.

All these parts can be ordered via your local Volkswagen dealership parts department, or when you purchase your new car, and from a variety of online retailers. We've included part numbers and links to help you out. In fairness of disclosure, VW USA provided products for our use, and the author has relationships with some suggested retailers linked, but the reviews are our own nerdy and excited looks at things most normal people don't get geeky over.

1. THE SENSATIONAL INFINITY MIRROR AKA Prizm Rearview Mirror with Homelink

I know that I probably shouldn't be this excited about this part, but SERIOUSLY HOW LONG HAVE WE BEEN DRIVING CARS BEFORE THIS WAS INVENTED?? It looks so good, some might say perhaps even luxurious, and way more modern than the normal plastic edged mirrors of old.

It's a really simple self-contained upgrade, which we could see being adopted by owners of earlier cars as a retrofit as well; it really does look that clean and is such a simple OEM+ upgrade.

Part Number: 000072548H 
MSRP: $140.00
Street Price: $109.20 on

2. MINDBLOWING SUN SHADES (seriously) AKA Rear Sunshades

I'm not making this up – these brought joy to my life. Check the GIF - that's it: installation really is that simple. Cleverly placed magnets pull the sunshade into place and hold it with the perfect amount of strength. There are no flapping issues when driving with the windows down, there's no jamming things into the window seals, and there's no spring-loaded action waiting to bounce back and strike you (or your precious rear seated mini-sized human passengers). 

They're held in with enough force that your children, or pets, likely won't be unclipping them at will either – I couldn't comfortably get my fingers behind it to remove them. Removal is just as quick a process though – I found it easiest to move the window down, and push from the outside of the car. The set of three sunshades (2 rear doors and the rear-most window), come with a handy storage bag, which fits into the trunk, and while fitted they allow passengers to easily see out, and give what I think is a subtle tinted effect from the outside, which I like enough that the door shades will be permanently installed on my car from now on. 

Part Number:17A064365
MSRP: $270.00
Street Price: $223.70 on  with free shipping


This is possibly nicer than the sheets most of us are sleeping in ourselves. While official Volkswagen Jetta Mk7 covers start at $109.99 (Triguard Car Cover, part number CVC3I98VW9720), this Satin Stretch version retails for a cool $259.99 and doesn't even protect against weather--it's for indoor stored cars and is the height of luxuriousness. For ultimate weather protection, there's the Stormproof ($245.00 Part Number CVC3SP98VW9720).

On the Satin Stretch version, there's a VW logo in the correct place on the front grille, a see-through window for the license plate (so you can stay compliant with your apartment building parking regulations for instance), a delightful little bump for the antenna, and pockets for the exterior mirrors. It's also stretchy enough to still work if you have a roof rack and other parts added to your Jetta. And seriously, it's so super soft. 

BONUS NERD TIP: If you want to get deep into your covers, somehow there's an officially sanctioned website called  which will let you design and order your own custom color covers, include multiple different colors on a single cover. The website doesn't list the Mk7 Jetta, but they do list many models, and that they'll even make one for your first generation Mk1 Jetta, so game on for that. 

Part Number: CVC3S98VW9720
MSRP: $259.99
Street Price: $259.99 - order via your friendly local VW Dealer parts department or


When you think of must-have accessories, this is probably what comes to mind first. Essential for the portaging of your lifestyle accessories, whether that involves fun in the snow, on bicycles, water activities, or the moving of IKEA purchases on the roof of your car.

The 2019 Jetta bars come with little pins that insert into the little holes inside your cars doors (seriously, go look – they're there), and a very simple tightening tool which is really a torque wrench. You simply turn the tool on the nut until you feel it click and that's the right tension. The side covers have a built-in lock, which are supplied with the Carrier Bars, and (gently) prevent the bars, and any further accessories installed on them, from being removed. They won't stop an attack with a hammer, but then you've probably got bigger problems.

The bars are fully compatible with Thule and other options that use the T-Slot mounting method. I opted for the $180.00 Outride bicycle fork mount attachment (Part number 000071128NDSP), which means nothing is clamped onto a precious carbon fiber downtube. It does mean, however, that if you've got disc brakes that you might need an additional expensive little adapter for the front thru-axle – this could be avoided by keeping both wheels on the bicycle and using a standard Bike Holder (Part number 000071128F – also $180.00).

Part Number: 17A071126A
MSRP: $365.00
Street Price: About $303 on


The floor mats that come with your shiny new car are indeed fine, but I wanted to class it mine up with some thicker, heavier duty, and nicely Jetta logo'd optional MoJoMats. The embroidered white/silver logo is clean looking, and the edging looks rather fetching. There's also a similar product available for your trunk cargo – part number 17A061166 – which you can stick hook-and-loop items to if you so wish.

If you'd rather go rubber, then for the same $105 price tag you can opt for the weatherproof Monster Mats® (Part Number 17B061550) or if you're super hardcore the delightfully named MuddyBuddy® (yes, someone at Volkswagen registered this name too) are made by WeatherTech and provide everything that you're used to seeing their advertising showing – I believe they'll hold enough of your spilled coffee that you could still drink it if you wished to.

Part Number: 17B061370
MSRP: $105.00
Street Price: $86.99 on  with free shipping

6. Bumperdillo® - Seriously, I don't even need to make a joke name for the Bumperdillo...

The delightfully named Bumperdillo (Registered trademark, and seriously, do VW hire people just to come up with these names?) protects the top area of the rear bumper that's always susceptible to deep scratches from all the junk in your trunk. They're available in two different finishes - satin silver (Part number 17A061195BA7W), and chrome look (17A061195BKS6).

MSRP $110.00 each.

7. Silver Pedals Means Sporty Pedals AKA Aluminum Pedal Caps

Everyone knows that fast cars have fancy metal pedals. It's been a top item for tuners to add since just after the beginning of time and continues to be reserved by manufacturers for their higher specification, or higher power output, vehicles. Well, you can add these yourself – although fair warning they are a little tight to fit because if they come loose that wouldn't be good. 

The set is supplied in a set of three for the manual cars (5G1064200, MSRP $150.00) and a two-pedal option for automatic transmissions (5G1064205, MSRP $150.00). There's also the nice looking footrest (AKA dead pedal) which I decided to install on my car (Part Number 5Q1864551A MSRP $65.00), but this requires considerably more work to install, including removing some trim pieces, unlike the normal pedal covers.

This part has been around since the Touareg was new in 2004, and is still pretty damn cool. It even still uses the same Touareg – 7L6 - part number. There's also the most adorable little VW etched into the charging side of it. Kudos to whoever thought of this product, and these wonderful little touches that make us smile unexpectedly while we amble along our time on this Earth.The flashlight simply sits in your 12-volt accessory charging port – seriously, can we please just let me call that hole in the dashboard a cigarette lighter hole? - and remains there charging and waiting until you remove it and give it a twist. It'll then burst into life, providing about the same amount of light output as your cell phone, but in a much more “ohh, that's pretty neat” invoking way.

Part Number: 7L6947175A01C
MSRP: About $31 – beware of knockoffs.

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