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Re: (jettagl 92)

Heh... this comes up from time to time. As much as the Sport Clio V6 is the Car Lounge's collective wet dream, it's not as great as we'd like to think it is.
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Cool idea... first time I heard of it I was really excited... but the problem is they took a car that was designed to be front engined and put the engine in the back. That kind of undoes all the engineering that went into makeing the Clio 172 a great handling car.
I don't mean to be a downer or anything, just don't start saying that this is the perfect car... the car you've been begging any automaker to make... because it isn't.

I'm sure it'd be a fun ride though.

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Re: An old lust brought back.. (PineappleMonkey)

LUST is the right word.

I think MK1's looks sexier, but supposedly the MK2 cures all of the MK1's handling shortcomings (if any). Download the top gear video for this car, and listen to the engine note. It will put all other V6's to shame.

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Re: An old lust brought back.. (BananaCo)

nice car. I was considering it, but at the end of the day it is still just a revised renault clio. All my friends have clio's back home with bodykits and they look very similar to the V6. It just isn't special enough, especially when considering what someone said above about the design change.

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Re: An old lust brought back.. (westfield32)

It placed third in the EVO Car of The Year contest.
1. GT3
2. Gallardo
3. Clio V6
4. 360 Challange Stradle
5. Noble GTO-3R
6. M3 CSL
7. Impreza STi Spec C
8. VX220 Turbo
9. Continental GT
10. Cayenne Turbo
I've always wanted one or an R5 Turbo

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Re: An old lust brought back.. (iamnotemo)

I pass a big car junkyard every week. When the mkI came out, a week later there was a a busted up one in the lot, with dealer decals.
When the mkII came out, a week later there was another crashed example of it at the same lot, with the same dealership graphics.
I guess the Renault dealers aren't used to a RWD sports car.

I've also seen 3 Ferrari 456GT in that particuler junkyard.
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