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Announcing the 7th Annual APR Holiday Sale!

Hurry: This sale Ends December 21st!
Every Tuesday and Thursday during the sale will bring a new announcement from APR!
Eurocode is proud to offer the full line of APR products, at these great discounts!

ECU Upgrades: "show special" buy one program, get one free or buy two
programs and get a fully loaded ECU including all options and features
available except anti-theft.
Exhausts: 15% off
Carbonio intakes/Bipipes/APR Motorsport Hoses: 15% off
Motorsport Items: 10% off
Accessories: 15% off
Intercoolers: 10% off
Turbo Kits: 10% off
Gift Certificates - We will be selling discounted (10% off regular retail pricing) APR gift certificates during this sale. They can be purchased in any denomination and make a great gift. (If you’re saving for an exhaust, ask for an APR gift certificate from your parents/wife/husband/etc. to help you towards your goal!) Gift Certificates can also be purchased to help you towards your entry for the Stage III Giveaways. Gift Certificates may only be redeemed directly through APR.
Take some time today, and check out the great APR discounts on our site, http://www.ecodetuning.com http://****************.com/smile/emgift.gif

As always, feel free to PM me with any questions you may have. I am more than happy to help you and guide you with anything you may need!
Hurry, as this offer ends December 21, 2006!
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