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So I have been having a problem with my alarm. When I hit the lock the system waits 2 minutes and then locks the doors and arms the system. Well I thought it was the hatch switch, but yesterday I check and it was not.
The hood can be opened and not set off the alarm.
The switch works though. When open it completes the circuit and then closed it is open. The wires in the switch are at 0 ohms.
Not sure what is going on. But a few months ago I had the heatercore go out and coolant went everywhere. My radio got messed up and my headlight switch will not go into fog light mode. So I am thinking these are all related.
Any input.
One more thing. My idle surges from the normal 600 up to 1000 sometimes. If I hit the gas it goes back to normal but within a few seconds goes right back to jumping around.
I am going to clean the MAF and the throttlebody as well as do an alignment with my Vagcom.
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