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Another bucking 16v

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I've read the other posts here about 16v's with idle problems and bucking/surging. Unfortunately, I am now facing the same problem, although slightly different.
If I keep the rpm's under 3k, then the idle is fine, but once it goes over 3k, it will start surging and bucking. I've already checked the intake boots for cracks. I'll be cleaning all the contacts tonite and reading some more from my bentley.
If anyone has any ideas, or has seen a similar problem, I'ld love to hear about it!
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Re: Another bucking 16v (Zzzzz)

quote:[HR][/HR]Hey Terrell,
If I remember correctly, you bought that '91 16V from me. The black one with the 17" Konig's?
Anyway...if that's my old car, it did this once before. I believe the problem was one of the AC lines pushing against an electrical connector by the fuel dist. [HR][/HR]​
Do this first and THEN if that's not it, you may be in the same boat I was in. NO rips, tears, or cracks but when I took the intake apart from airbox to TB and then re-assembled CAREFULLY, I think I fixed a SLIGHT sealing problem. she's purring now.
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