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Another cam question...

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I found a cam from Crane Cams for $208.16. Here's what it said:
The exact link is here: http://www.cranecams.com/import/vwcams.htm The one I was going to pic is the first one listed. I am planning on turbo'ing my engine too, just to let you all know.
Now, I know that they make excellent cams for Mopar, Chevy, and Ford (
), and they have a good background and all, but I dont know how well they'd do on smaller engines (1.8 8v) you know?
I've heard good and bad about the Autotech cams from previous topics, and not too much on Techtonics or Schrick.
Well, over all, I just want to know what everyone's best/worst cam experiance has been, really. Since that will probably be my first real mod to my car. Thanks!

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Re: Another cam question... (MattTheFatCat)

I don't know anything about that variety of cam, but I'm gonna tell you the same thing I was told when I started in on my car...go intake, exhaust, THEN camhttp://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif. It needs to be able to suck and blow the extra air you're gonna be takin' in before you can exploit a cam to it's fullest potential. A chip isn't a bad idea after thecam, to try'n fuel it right. Hope it helps!
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