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Another canidate for the Darwin Awards

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quote:[HR][/HR]Police clock car on Interstate 91 at over 100 mph, with the lights off
(Wethersfield-AP, Feb. 10, 2002 4:55 PM) _ A man from Mount Vernon, New York faces a litany of motor vehicle charges after police clocked him driving 100 miles per hour on I-91 last night _ with his lights off.
State police Sergeant Salvatore Calvo says 36-year-old Moulton Peter eventually crashed on an exit ramp in Wethersfield. He was not injured.
Peter told police he was racing another car.
Calvo says troopers have been noticing a large increase in the number of people driving at triple digits in the area.
As a result, he says they are stepping up enforcement.[HR][/HR]​
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Re: Another canidate for the Darwin Awards (landrumdh)

http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Another canidate for the Darwin Awards (landrumdh)

Maybe it was a Deville with Night Vision!
Re: Another canidate for the Darwin Awards (uncleho)

...maybe be it was night rider
Re: Another canidate for the Darwin Awards (landrumdh)

Bastids, wrecking it for the rest of us who might think of doing that (on a sanctioned race course of course)

tangent: I drove up north with a friend's 2002 golf tdi friday, he apparently was playing with something and blew out the dash lights but is a strange kid and didn't care
Sooo, we're driving along, outside lights functioning but no indication of speed or whatnot without shining a light at the instruments. Besides stupid, is this illegal? I snuck a quick look at the fuses when he refueled (with over 500 miles on the tank, I only dream, but then stomp on my gas and smile anyways
...) but none appeared to be dead, the lights that are out are the blue and reds, cruise control/high beam lights still work. Any ideas?
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Re: Another canidate for the Darwin Awards (slugman)

slugman, it's possible the actual lights in the dash died. Bring it to the dealer they'd have a better idea on what to check.
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