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OK, so I thought I knew what the problem is, but still don't. When I leave my car for more than a few hours, like 8, it just won't start up again. It cranks over fine, the fuel pumps are both fine. I thought maybe that it was the fuel pressure regulator, which would cause the car to starve of fuel over a period of time, but today when I was cranking it over I noticed that there were gas vapours coming out of the back, so it isn't short of fuel either. When I get it started, it runs just fine after spluttering for a minute, and from there it is fine. I'm thinking 2 things:
a) It has been losing coolant, but with no visible leaks to the ground or hoses, so maybe it is leaking into the cylinders through a faulty head gasket: in which case the fuel in the cylinders upon start-up would be mixed with H2O.
b) Maybe the timing has gone too far advanced, which I have heard may cause hard starting.
Any clues, this is driving me nuts because I am running the battery flat trying to start it every morning.

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[Modified by 87stuna, 8:50 AM 12-1-2001]
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