The “Celebrity Brain Crash” segment from The Grand Tour‘s first season won’t make a return.

Like all new shows, The Grand Tour had its highs and lows last year despite having three seasoned vets in Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May at the helm. We have already learned The American won’t be making a return for the second season and now a new video has been released, promising real celebrities that won’t die and might actually make it onto the show.

Although the new video isn’t a trailer for the second season, it does show the trio haven’t lost their sense of humor and their penchant for hijinks.

While thinking on how to replace its Celebrity Brain Crash segment, Clarkson in all his infinite wisdom, came up with a new spin on a car celebrity guests can drive. The behind-the-scenes video reveals a possible alternative that features a “Half-a-Romeo” and well, it has questionable results.

Look for the second season of The Grand Tour to be available on Amazon Prime Video starting December 8.

This article first appeared on AutoGuide