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This is my first post here having joining a few moments ago and I must say I am very impressed with the extent of the information here.
I have a feeling this site is held in very high regard by a great many motoring enthusiasts ... of which I feel sure I will become one of.
I hope this post is acceptable as I can't see anything in the rules that doesn't allow links to other sites to be posted ... and as the site is another site used by other Audi enthusiasts ... I hope the below link is acceptable to all.
R8 Audi Forum
The site, like this one is free to register with, and if users here have time, I'm sure the users would really appreciate anyone posting details of information on this site, or letting the users there know of any new information.
If this post is unacceptable then I apologise. Hopefully though it is acceptable and the the other users on the r8 site will benefit by some kind posts from the users here.
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