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PDF Format below...
Finally I swapped Sirius to XM, my TDI came with Sirius and XM was not an option at that time already. I took several pictures on the way and decided to post a few notes on the process.
Start from going to the following thread:
Post info on your proposed swap and wait for someone to replay.
I found my swap within 2.5 hours after it was posted

You going to need following tools.

There was a thread suggesting to use wise grip to unscrew mounting clips from the bottom, but it did not work for me.
Here is the picture of the screw before I got to it.

As I mentioned above wise grip did not work for me. I used a hack saw blade to cut in to the mounting screws from the bottom.

Here is the picture after I gave it few twists.

Once you got all four of them loose the module slides out easily.
Here is the module with mounting clips taken off and ready for shipment to the new owner

After few days of wait new module is ready to be put back in.

Mount you replacement module back same way you took it out initially.
RF plugs are color coded so you should not miss it

In my case I had to scan XM module with Vag-Com because it had software version 0040 on the box itself which is known to be really buggy. The guy who I got it from thought it was 0080 sofware version, but was not sure why it had 0040 on the box. After looking it up it seems that it was reflashed at some point

Now turn it on and enjoy sat radio of your choice


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Re: Another Sirius -> XM swap DIY in the Jetta (Mad_Max)

This method does work - I couldn't get the vice grip method to work. This method is not technically complex, but it ain't physically easy either. Remember - turn the screws clockwise! Thanks for the great post!

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