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Another Sub Enclosure Question

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I'm interested in building a custom enclosure to fit between the tail light and wheel well. I am wondering about a couple of things;
Does the sub rattle your tail light when it sits this close to it?
I've seen some great enclosures here and was wondering if anyone has had any luck mounting one in the smaller passenger side as well?
What is the best way of securing this type of enlosure into place? I would like to be able to change my tail lights on occasion.
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Re: Another Sub Enclosure Question (cvisel)

i had one and had no problems w/ the rattling of anything really... as for how to secure it... you'd want to bolt it down from the rear... if you pull the carpet in the wheel well, you'll see places where bolts can be put... in terms of accessability of your taillights... that'll be determined by how quickly you can remove the sub enclosure... cuz that's the only way you'll be able to get to your taillight...
i was happy w/ the box, just going for something even more stealthy (spare tire wheel well enclosure
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