In a sort of spiritual follow-up to Tuesday's story about a bizarrely camouflaged SUV , we bring you more camouflage fun. These pictures of one SUV disguised as another were brought to our attention by forum user Ryukein.

The pictures, that this time reportedly come from China, show an SUV that looks suspiciously VW-like covered in fake body panels. The SUV's appearance with camouflage was compared to a "Tiguan by Kia" by one forum commenter.

Again, given that the car is under camouflage we don't really know what it is, but there are some hints. Oblong badges have been placed on top of big circular badge-indentations and again the shape is very VW-esque.

Regardless of what this is, this kind of camouflage is at least more effective (and more fun) than the regular dazzle camouflage that is so common.