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Another timing?

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i have never done cam timing on 16v's before. But I know its similar to 8v's. on the flywheel I can only find one mark.Isnt there suppossed to be two? I line it up to that mark and the cam gear is one tooth off from the arrow on the valve cover. BTW its the long mark its not that "0" cast mark.
BTW my 16v is really really really slow I really hope the timing is off. Cause there is no way this motor is worned out this bad!
Can anyone give more info on this. I loaned out my Bentley so thats why im posting this.
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Re: Another timing? (hoodita)

It's the "o" not the line.
Re: Another timing? (hoodita)

Yeah I know its the "0". but there isnt one.
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