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antifreeze question

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Does anyone use antifreeze and if so what brand/type? I spoke with a rep in my dealer's service dept and he said antifreeze isn't necessary unless the temperature drops below -30degree celsius.. which doesn't sound right to me. What do you guys think?
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Re: antifreeze question (IndigoBlue1.8t)

Of course you need anti-freeze/coolent
It works better at cooling than water and provides corresion protection. Last I heard water freezes at 0 degrees (C) not -30. Used antifreeze is also usefull for removing the cat that puts paw prints on your hood
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Re: antifreeze question (Green-Golf)

HEH, what is it with cats today? *meow*
Re: antifreeze question (Green-Golf)

you are referring to the gasline antifreeze right? I specifically said that to the service rep and he specifically said don't worry unless it's -30 out.. someone clarify what brand to use because it makes sense that if it's below 0, using it can only help...
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