Ferruccio Lamborghini’s life story is set to get the Hollywood treatment with an upcoming film starring Antonio Banderas as the founder of the Italian supercar marque.

Playing against him as Enzo Ferrari will be Alec Baldwin, who will presumably be taking some time away from his very busy SNL schedule to film the movie, provisionally named “Lamborghini – The Legend,” in Italy.

The movie is based on a biography of Ferruccio’s life written by his son, Tonino Lamborghini .

“My book ‘Ferruccio Lamborghini. La Storia Ufficiale’ is the only text perfectly respectful of the real life of my father, despite numerous legends and anecdotes written or told by other people looking for a moment of celebrity,” Lamborghini told Variety. “I really believe this film can translate into images and words the great humanity of Ferruccio and transmit to the viewers worldwide my father’s personality: a man full of energy, charisma, and passion.”

The film follows Ferrucio’s life through his time as a military designer, a tractor maker, and as the founder of Automobili Lamborghini in 1963.

“Lamborghini—The Legend” is directed by Michael Radford, who directed 2004’s “The Merchant of Venice,” and the script was written by Bobby Moresco, who wrote “Crash” and produced “Million Dollar Baby.”

[source: Variety ]