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Antonov showcases production-ready transmission systems @ 2005 Frankfurt Show
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Full service transmission technology supplier, Antonov plc, presented the first production-ready applications of its innovative transmission technologies at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in Hall 6, stand no. B03.
Commenting on its plans to gain entry to high volume automotive markets chief executive John Moore said: "Antonov has reached an exciting phase in the commercial development of its patented inventions and is now working closely with OEM and Tier 1 licensees to bring its products to volume production in the global automotive marketplace - with supplier nomination and production planning now underway."
Antonov’s products already form a key part of its clients’ product plans in the rapidly expanding Chinese market for both the pioneering Antonov 6-speed automatic transmission and the new Antonov dual clutch transmission. In addition, a partnership has been established with Rotrex and Neue ZWL to bring the Antonov supercharger drive into low volume production for niche performance and US tuner markets, with sales beginning in late 2005.
The Antonov 6-speed automatic transmission addresses the issue of poor efficiency of conventional automatic transmissions and the dependence of CVTs on specialist belt suppliers. It makes use of conventional automotive design practice and comprises two simple 3-speed planetary gear sets arranged on parallel countershafts. This provides a light, compact, wide-ratio automatic transmission that can be brought into production with much lower investment in engineering and production facilities than a conventional 6-speed automatic.
The Antonov dual clutch transmission is a 6-speed counter-shaft transmission that offers all the well-established benefits of a dual clutch transmission. However it also achieves over 80 per cent commonality of parts between the manual and automatic variants thereby minimising the investment required for a new state-of-the-art transmission.
The 2-speed Antonov supercharger drive achieves a compact, low cost and highly efficient miniature transmission to enhance supercharger operation. It helps deliver good boost at low engine speeds and efficient operation at high engine speeds. At the show it is shown fitted with a Rotrex supercharger to a 1.4 litre Volkswagen Golf. Antonov has budgeted for revenues from the sale of these units and support engineering to be in excess of €2m in 2006, the first full year of production.
Notes to editors: Antonov plc is a technology exploitation company originally created to develop the inventions of its founder, Roumen Antonov. Since the company’s formation it has invested in research, product development and continuing innovation and now holds a broad intellectual property portfolio in mechanical power transmission. It is currently focusing on applications in the automotive industry, due to the potential for high product volumes, but is also exploring applications in non-automotive sectors where there are lower entry costs and faster adoption of innovations.

Design and layout of Antonov 2-speed supercharger drive

Design and layout of Antonov 6-speed Automatic Transmission

Antonov Dual Clutch Transmission

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Re: Antonov showcases production-ready transmission systems @ 2005 Frankfurt Show (FaLeX)

That supercharger transmission is a great idea. Never seen it before, but it makes perfect sense. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Quote, originally posted by RUSSIAN »
is that the aircraft maker, Antonov ?

Edit: Duh, me needs to learn how to read, before posting.

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