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Any contacts at Martins VW (Maryland)

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Need to take the car in for 2nd gear lashing noise (its gotten much worse) and trunk and door locks that are broken. Don't want to take it to a dealership without having a contact. Been screwed royally by them more times than I like to remember.
Martins the only one I haven't heard horror stories about. Baby's got 23,600 miles on it so I have to do it in the next few days.
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Re: Any contacts at Martins VW (woodrell)

How late is there service department open to have a night shift?
Re: Any contacts at Martins VW (woodrell)

After the kind of abuse my car has seen from other dealers, convinience is the lowest priority item on my list.
Do you know if they give out loaners? The transmission problem will take days if not weeks to fix.
Re: Any contacts at Martins VW (woodrell)

quote:[HR][/HR]Since you are in Fairfax that might not be convenient for you though.
Actually Reston now. Same difference...
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