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any differences in crank sprockets

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I've got a 94 ABA and I'm putting together a ABA 16v and am noticing that the timing belt isn't lining up and I think it's due to the crank sprocket being too narrow. How wide should the belt drive part of the sprocket be?
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the aba one won't work. bbm sells a custom one, but a 1.8t sprocket works as well.
I just figured it out. I need the 16v sprocket. I just ordered one from autohausaz.com for $30. I don't think the 1.8t/mk4 2.0 will work without getting the crank pulley as well cuz the bolt spread is wider for mounting the pulley to the sprocket.
you might have problems trying to run your accessories with that sprocket.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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