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Any Eurovans for sale in HI?

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Moving there soon and was planning on buying and bringing a Eurovan with me 'cause I assumed cars were more expensive there. I need a van for work and I ideally want a used '93 Eurovan MV 'cause I just gotta have a dub.

On another note - gotta sell my silver 2001 NB 1.8T w/ mods: Wietec adjustables w/60mm drop, 18x8.5 Stilautos, Forge DV, BMC intake, etc. Any interest over there?

[Modified by SilverScarab, 11:26 AM 4-9-2002]

[Modified by SilverScarab, 11:29 AM 4-9-2002]
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Re: Any Eurovans for sale in HI? (SilverScarab)

aww shiznet..........do i hear a BANG BUS ?
bang bus found
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Re: Any Eurovans for sale in HI? (8o8racer)

Wassup Dustin! Selling the intake already? When you planning on moving?
Re: Any Eurovans for sale in HI? (Dubzburg)

Wassup Ron! I love the BMC (just installed it last week) but gotta sell the whole car before I move, hopefully at the end of the summer! Gotta find a BANG BUS - are there any used ones over there or should I buy one here and bring it?
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