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You might try coding the WorkShop Code (WSC) in the telephone module (Address 77) from:

Shop #: WSC 00000 000 00000


Shop #: WSC 12345 123 12345


Here's the code in my 9W7 installed in a 2010 Jetta sedan 2.5 Tip gasser:
Address 77: Telephone (J412) Labels: 7P6-035-730.clb
Part No SW: 5K0 035 730 HW: 5K0 035 730
Component: TELEFON H09 1020
Revision: 1B001001 Serial number: 00007669641860
Coding: 0A00000000010100
Shop #: WSC 02172 444 59389
ASAM Dataset: UHVNA A01009
VCID: E2C0200844DF

No fault code found.

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Here's a picture of my MFD+ showing the phonebook selection. It's a bit blurry. Don't be confused by the 0 miles...I took this photo during the installation of a new instrument cluster and the immobilizer had not yet been programmed. And, yes, I can navigate through the phonebook with the buttons on the steering wheel.

I have the following steering wheel from a 2009 CC: 3C8 419 091 AK E74. This version was apparently used on the early production 2009 CC and maybe the early production 2010 Golf models. It looks like this (obviously, the air bag is not on the steering wheel):

Note that the electronic module inside the steering wheel is behind the left spoke buttons, not near the lower spoke. The Clock Spring has a connector that plugs into a socket behind the white part number label at the left spoke.

Here's the coding for the SWCM (Steering Wheel Control Module) (0001831) and the internal steering wheel electronic module (00000227) in my Jetta:

Address 16: Steering wheel Labels: 1K0-953-549-MY9.lbl
Part No SW: 1K0 953 549 CD HW: 1K0 953 549 CD
Component: J0527 054 0110
Coding: 0001831
Shop #: WSC 00056 555 39890
VCID: 76E8EC587857

Part No: 3C8 959 537
Component: E221__MFL-TAP H2ÿ 0021
Coding: 00000227
Shop #: WSC 00000

No fault code found.
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