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Any idea what to expect in 2003?

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What do you guys expect to happen to the US Eurovan line-up in 2003? I have heard that the T5 will be introduced in Germany in early 2002. Is it more likely that we will get the T5 as a 2003 model here or will the current T4 be around for another year? How about the Microbus (which I personally dislike)?
I like the current model (shape, handling, etc.) but are unhappy with the engine that is currently offered in the US. I consider it overpowered. The gas mileage is unacceptable and certainly not environmentally friendly. Diesel please! In addition I am tired of the velour seats that have not been changed in style or color for ages. How about some of the cool cloth seats offered in Europe? A CD player (at least as an option) would be another treat ...
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Re: Any idea what to expect in 2003? (ProRechtsfahrgebot)

It seems that VWoA is making a bold effort (well for them, anyway) to actually make people aware that these things exist. Until larger numbers of them are sold, I can't imagine them giving us any more options.
Have you driven one with the VR6? I would probably have bought the TDI if it were available, but after owning the VR6 for about 6 months and 15k miles, I really like it. It's a sweet motor.
And although the fuel mileage is not stellar, it's not that bad either. And locally, gas is $.75 a gallon now.
If I had to make a wish list, I'd have to put a 5 speed manual tranny on the top of the list with Syncro and the short wheelbase Westfalia camper next.
It's my guess that the T5 will replace the T4 within the next couple of years... probably not 2003, but that goofy microbus thing will be marketed alongside it, if it comes out at all.
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