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Any of these yours in Toledo?

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I passed a black GTI with 16" Beetle hubcaps parked today in a lot at the U of Toledo, then I passed it later on near the parking garage on Bancroft St. while driving my bus. I also passed a slammed GTI or Golf in silver with a wide silver strip across the top of the windshield.... are either of these anyone on here?
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Re: Any of these yours in Toledo? (berettaboi)

Someone must be really stupid to slam a car with the conditions of the roads around campus. Im goin 40mm over the summer and am already scared what might happen to my oilpan on some of these stupid streets.
I have seen the black GTi before, its pretty nice, I think its a girls car. I have seen a '01 Wolfsberg Jetta rollin around here to, so nice, I wish I could have found one of those, but I love my GL anyways. There is a silver VR6 jetta and baltic green 1.8T jetta that can usually seen be the front row of the stadium lot, right by the frat houses. There is also a red 98 jetta GT and a old mk2 red jetta GLi that are very nice, both of those can be seen by the tennis courts. You can also spot a jazz blue and dubble yellow beetles over by the I-house. Thats all of the dubs I can think of around campus but I dont think any of them are enthusiasts, so I doubt they will be responding on here.
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Re: Any of these yours in Toledo? (berettaboi)

My aim is UTdane2001MSP hit me up if you are on, I will add you to my list.
Yeah the regular plates are on and I put in the OEM in-dash cd player in last weekend, seeing as I only had an AM/FM cassette and it was driving me nuts. Rims will probably not happen untill after spring break at least because of putting in the cd player, unless my tax refund is very generous, i can only hope for that. When you get the golf happening we are definetly going to have a little photoshoot to represent a little Toledo love here on vortex.
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