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Any of these yours in Toledo?

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I passed a black GTI with 16" Beetle hubcaps parked today in a lot at the U of Toledo, then I passed it later on near the parking garage on Bancroft St. while driving my bus. I also passed a slammed GTI or Golf in silver with a wide silver strip across the top of the windshield.... are either of these anyone on here?
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Re: Any of these yours in Toledo? (UTdaneVW)

Theres a guy with a MKIII TDI Jetta with the license plate UTENGR. Hmm, and the guy that drives the Wolfie is Asian, someone with sense
. I saw ur car finally got it's regular plates Dane... how's she doing. You do know you make me so jealous that I could scream.... Looks like project Golf will ahve to hold off a tad bit longer... as I have had a couple unexpected financial... umm well lets just say that lets see... a 60K mile service on the Beretta, and a clutch blowing up in my '92.... ooh and don't forget my damn laptop's screen getting shattered.... UGH!
Dane- if you have AIM ... IM me at Hambyh
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