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Any TDI B4 owners here???

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I'm seriously, seriously considering getting a TDI B4 for daily commuting. As soon as my B3 sells, this is what I'll do. Who here has one? How do you like it? Is it modded? I hear a little chip tuning to the TDI does wonders in the TQ department!!! If there are any out there....post some pics!!!
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Re: Any TDI B4 owners here??? (kmveedub)

There are a few of us.
The stock TDI drives kind of like a 2.0, but without ever going above 4000rpm.
A chipped TDI probably has the power of a VR6 below 4000rpm, but above 4500rpm the show is over for the TDI and the VR6 is probably really starting to pull.
My favourite things about the TDI are:-
The wall of torque at 3000rpm, the car is great for nervous passengers they don't get a true impression of how fast you are really going, due to the massive torque and the high gearing.
The fuel consumption. OK fuel is very expensive here in the UK, but, do you really like stopping at petrol stations? I only have to stop half as often as the VR6 boys. I get a consistent 47mpg imperial (40mpg US) driving the car hard.
The longevity. My car has done 90,000 miles and drives like new. I am sure that it will due 300,000 miles.
Ease of maneuvreing. One of the great features of diesels is the way that you can park and move around (even on steep slopes) without pressing the accelerator pedal. The car has enough torque at idle to move the car quite well just with the clutch, leaving your right foot free to press the brake.
The only downside is probably the amount of money that you'll have to pay to get the car. It is very much a diesel (a fast one), and so you ought to take it on a long test drive to make sure you like it, unless you are a diesel fan already.
The engine is noisier at idle, but you might actually find it quieter on the highway due to the lower revs that it can pull at.
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Re: Any TDI B4 owners here??? (kmveedub)

If you're used to modded VR6s as your signature suggests, and you drive your cars accordingly with big revs, you may be disappointed that the show's over by 4200 rpm or so no matter what you do to modify a TDI.
But as christi says, the stupendous low- and mid-range torque, particularly when the engine is modified, make for very entertaining but relaxed driving (75 MPH at about 2600 rpm), but don't ever get the impression that progress occurs at a leisurely pace.
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Re: Any TDI B4 owners here??? (tdimeister)

I have one. 240,000 km on it now. Chip tuning makes a huge difference. Proper driving technique with a diesel is to mat the pedal and short-shift (although once chipped, matting the pedal in 1st or 2nd will result in wheelspin ...)
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