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Any thoughts on the S4 Borla exhaust

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Just as it says...
Is it real loud, or do you only know its there when you give 'er?
Noticeably better driveability?
This is for my wife's S4, she has agreed to let me do some minor mods as long as a) I don't void her warranty and b) it does not sound too loud.
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Re: Any thoughts on the S4 Borla exhaust (brendo)

Somebody's gotta have an opinion here!!
please help me out
Re: Any thoughts on the S4 Borla exhaust (brendo)

Ummm..are you sure its for your wifes S4!?!?!
She must be very lucky http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
But you might have better luck doing a serach on Audiworld. Im sure you'll find your answer there http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Any thoughts on the S4 Borla exhaust (2lowA4)

don't worry, doesn't sound loud. Before starting up the car after the install I was nervous about getting this harsh, raucous sound. I listened for a while and thought, that's it? Not bad at all. It's easy to live with. you do hear it when you get on it, but it's not intrusive or droning. It is a little deeper sound than stock, the kind you can "feel" when you are in the house and the car is running in the garage.
Have you ever heard a Tectonics exhaust on a VR6 car? The Borla S4 is quieter.

power gains aren't that noticable without a chip, maybe it revs out a little easier over 5k, and you hold on to your power a little longer.
Re: Any thoughts on the S4 Borla exhaust (VR6of9)

I totally disagree, while I actually like the sound of my Borla my wife completely hates it. She says she can hear me getting home about a 1/4 mile away. There are much quieter alternatives available that offer same performance gain. It really isn't a "minor" mod when you think about it and doesn't offer any noticeable performance under normal driving.
I think its perfect. I don't like loud exhausts. you can hear it but it couln't be called loud...

If anyone could hear mine from 1/4 mile away they would have to have a bionic ear.
The borla is very sensitive to pipe length resonances, and adjusting the various joints is required to to get rid of any "hotspots" in the rpm band. Once this is done, you'd be hard pressed to find a quieter aftermarket cat-back.
wow, S4inSoFla, your wife must really be "attuned" to your presence

you wouldnt think 1" difference in pipe length would mean much, but even the angle of the exhaust tips and how far they stick out from the bumper makes a difference (at least while underway) because of the way the airflow around the car catches the sound.
But I agree the benefits are minor - lighter weight, more aggressive tips, slightly better power/fuel economy.
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Re: Any thoughts on the S4 Borla exhaust (brendo)

my friend has a brand new s4 and used , i think its called "altech" and i think its out of canada but he put a cat back exhast a intake and a giac chip along with a short shifter and boy does he fly. in fact he went up against a 2002 M3 (bmw) and blow him away. i think hes pushing around 340 to 345 hp.
Re: Any thoughts on the S4 Borla exhaust (brendo)

You guys don't really think these exhausts are LOUD do ya?
I drove around for a few years in my 911 with a gutted dual-in/dual-out muffler and tuned SS headers...at *least* 96dbA, possibly up over 100.
A lot of my Porsche racer buddies run open pipes...easily 110dbA on the bigger cars.
I think I need a Borla...
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Re: Any thoughts on the S4 Borla exhaust (campbellcj)

Thanks for the input. I have an Autotech system on my GTI that sounds nice except for cruising between 2500 and 3000 RPM. Terrible hollow droning sound, and yes, I have tried adjusting it. That is what my wife does not want for her car.
Yes it is "her" car, we traded her Dodge Stratus for it; and any time we go anywhere, she refuses to go in my car (for long distances), yet I have to drive. The S4 was the best option http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
It sounds like for the most part, people like this exhaust, and for $400 less than any other system I've seen, it's worth a try.
Thanks again...
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Re: Any thoughts on the S4 Borla exhaust (brendo)

The interior noise level of my S4 with a Borla is definitely quieter than my Corrado with a Techtonics exhaust was. The Techtonics had the same droning at 2500 that you describe. I can see why your wife would object. Course you also have a supercharger which adds to the music. The S4 is better insulated against sound than a VW hatchback so I think you can get away with it. Just don't get a cone filter as that is sure to liven things up.

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Re: Any thoughts on the S4 Borla exhaust (VR6of9)

No cone filter for me, I already put in a K&N panel. I doubt that it did anything for the car, but at least I know it's there

As for the sound of the SC in my car... it is music to my ears.
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Re: Any thoughts on the S4 Borla exhaust (brendo)

So true! I have a gti vr6 with TT 2.5" SS one resonator borla muffler system. Its not crazy loud, but sounds just perfect. Now if i remove the extension pipe, approx 15" long, My car sounds like an ANIMAL! Sounds like i got 1000HP, but it resonates inside the rear bumper, and I am afraid it'll spark ona backfire or something and lite my asss on fire. Anyway,I am interested too in a good eexhuast system for S4, my brother is probbaly going t get a 99.5/2000 s4 next year, and do a bunch of poop to it for the track(road course) and daily driver. Should be nice. Peace
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