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Did anyone drive the 337 and NOT think it's prudent over the normal 1.8t or VR6 GTIs?
Figure on MSRP --- Invoice
GTI 1.8t $18,910 $17,225
GTI VR6 $21,775 $19,813
GTI 337 $22,225 $20,220
and figure that you can get the standard flavors for closer to invoice, at lower financing rates (this is debatable. Good credit and going outside of VW credit, may neutralize this)
I mean, without getting into financing, the MINIMUM you can pay for a 1.8t and the minimum you can pay for a 337 has $5000 hanging between em. I'm not AT ALL saying that the 337 isn't worth every penny... the rarity factor... and I mean I have to imaging you'd have to gank in at LEAST 5K to do all of those upgrades to a standard 1.8t, and then you still don't get that back in resale. I'm just wondering if anyone found the 337 to be not $5000 (or realistically, $3000) better than the other GTIs.
Hope yall can see that as a straight question, and not get all troll-flavored on me.
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