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Anybody ever use Sleeve style bags in place of double bellow?
I cant find any examples of them on a setup that is not just helper bags for a truck.

I am trying to install some bags on an old volvo. But no bellow style bag will fit. Not with it all the way down at least.
The stock spring is about 5 inches wide. and some of these sleeve style bags are 4 inches wide. with a 5" to 12" min/max height.
Its almost perfect for a direct replacement to my stock coil spring.

There are a bunch of different sizes. but they are typically $30 each.
I just need them for the front really. But if they ride just fine i would rather do all 4.

Let me know if you have any experience. I see there is not a lot of activity on here anymore. But i am already a member. So ill start here.

For reference
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