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Anybody here ever raced a VW Fox??

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I just want to know because I have the opportunity to buy a real nice '93 Fox for $500;but i know of no one who has raced these cars on a oval track(circle track),and I dont know how to squeeze more HP out of the Fox.Any websites or other clubs/forums for thgis??And who sells go-fast Fox stuff?? Thanx!! Ken R.
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Re: Anybody here ever raced a VW Fox?? (junkyardjockey)

Ibut i know of no one who has raced these cars on a oval track(circle track),
That seems to be all that the Brazilians do. Depends on what you want out of it, who you will race. In the oval track, I believe you will have issues. Stock the Fox is less HP than most, unless you are racing against Foxes. And any modification classes will really put you at a deficit. I'm being serious here. The Brazilians have an all Gol/Voyage class, and that keeps everything tight. I think i would invest in a Neon then, I know they had a Neon class a while back.
Anyway, forget it. Sell me the 93 for $500. Please. As a road course car, it is great. As a regular have fun car, I love it. The wife will be drag racing it in April, it looks like, w/ 170K on it. Why? Because she always has wanted too. Will she win any races? If a Yugo lines up against us, maybe. Will we have fun, even if the motor lets go? Definitely. And that will make the new motor an no brainer, because the car is so fun, and motors are cheap.
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