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Anybody here ever raced a VW Fox??

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I just want to know because I have the opportunity to buy a real nice '93 Fox for $500;but i know of no one who has raced these cars on a oval track(circle track),and I dont know how to squeeze more HP out of the Fox.Any websites or other clubs/forums for thgis??And who sells go-fast Fox stuff?? Thanx!! Ken R.
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Re: Anybody here ever raced a VW Fox?? (92foxrox)

The more I listen to you folks talk about racing the foxes, the more I am glad mine is in the shape it is in, or I would be at the shop every weekend doing something to it.
The way it looks now, I am going to have to go out and buy not a second, but a third! That way I can have my perfect daily driver, and still be able to do my diesel wagon and a hotrod. (like i am actually going to find another wagon here in the south!) I keep looking at this 8v GLI that I have, between it's motor (high output 1.8l), it's rear swing axle complete with disc brakes, get a slightly modded digifox intake, another audi 4k tranny, I think I could make an awesome little hotrod! (especially if I put it all in a little fox coupe) ick! i'm feeling sick already
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