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Anybody try this?? (please don't flame)

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A supercharger OR a small turbocharger (T3/T4) and using big fuel injectors, like 900cc?? Just want to know if anyone has thought or has actually tried this. People like VR6 Mole (correct me if I'm wrong) used a 60-1 T04 turbo and I think 440cc injectors, but what if he was up against someone who had say T3/T4 turbo and bigger injectors. Would the outcome be about the same?? I'm basically asking 2 questions. Sorry
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Re: Anybody try this?? (DjBij099)

first question is why would you use 900cc injectors. first off, they are harder to get a good idle out of. and second its too much injector for a setup that your thinking of. I ran 50lb injectors and they had no problem support 500+ whp
Re: Anybody try this?? (vr6chris)

Waay too much fuel. It's all about a ratio. You can have a smaller motor and more air+fuel to get good power to beat a VR. However, if said VR also has a good mix going in your SOL.
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