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Anyone chip an 02 AWP yet ???

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Just curious as to whether anyone has chipped an 02 AWP engine yet...I'm curious as to what kinds of cars you've smoked!...my bone stock 02 GTI can pretty much hang with a 225 TT 6 speed....until we reach high 4th gear, and he starts to pull....of course it's a heavier car...but it still feels nice!!
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Re: Anyone chip an 02 AWP yet ??? (Pannikattk)

Hey you slime ball..I own a 225hp TT ...I would be more than happy to teach you a lesson when your FAT ASS BROTHER isn't in the car with me this time.

love ya bro..

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Re: Anyone chip an 02 AWP yet ??? (4SFEDTT)

Hey, hes not FAT...hes a little big boned...ok, I sorta forgot that you had an extra 220 lb weight disadvantage...but I have surprised you before when it's been just you and me...so don't get all "almighty" on me Mr. TT owner!!....haha
love ya too BITCH! (lol)
Re: Anyone chip an 02 AWP yet ??? (Pannikattk)

Get a chip and 3" turbo back system and say goodbye to that TT forever! He will have fun all day trying to keep up...

There have been some people on vortex with AWP UP'd and I haven't seen anything bad posted yet. I'll have one in the next Month or after the first of the year at the latest. Will report.
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Re: Anyone chip an 02 AWP yet ??? (A-Money)

RedGTI02 got chipped at the Upsolute GTG last weekend. He was all smiles when he came back from trying it out.
Re: Anyone chip an 02 AWP yet ??? (Gatorfreak)

hey about hangin with the TT....thursday morning, going to my gf's dads house....we were running with a TT for 80% of the drive....Her 02 GTi has a tiptronic too! dood it was the greatest feeling hangin with a car like a TT.....i could have NEVER done that with the civic...
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