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Anyone else having problems getting their car?

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Sorry, meant to post to Jetta IV Forum! Doh . . . !
Well after a month of hunting around the country, no dealer could find me a 2002 Jetta-1.8T-Black velour interior-5spd.
On November 1, the dealer agreed to invoice price me one and "ordered" it from the factory, so I put down a small deposit. Called him back yesterday (one month later) and he tells my it is "at the factory" being built.
WELL, come home tonight to find a message on my machine saying that the car being built was GREY interior, not black and though it wasn't MY car, they would go ahead and put my name on it since VW is taking no more orders until JANUARY!
That means I won't get the car till March or April since apparently the dealer never placed an order for my car!
I'm too pissed to call them back now, but what the heck are my options here, just sit and take it? I've done my own search of dealers inventories on the web and still can't find one, although there are at least a few turbo's showing up (with Tips).
Thought I had found a good dealer too . . .

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Re: Anyone else having problems getting their car? (keycom)

Guess not, eh?
I'll just go have a little cheese and crackers with my whine and head off to bed!
I'll try checking back in in about four months!

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Re: Anyone else having problems getting their car? (keycom)

I waited about a month for mine.....just be patient it will come! And you can get what ever options you want too...it just a matter of time....
Re: Anyone else having problems getting their car? (Ken1.8T)

i went to a vw dealer today and he said something about a strike in mexico.. argh newer gti's are mad in mexico not germany
.. anyway they said it's hard to order a vw now... and the only vw's that made it are the passats which are still made in germany...

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Re: Anyone else having problems getting their car? (dubwatching)

HE YGUYS I WORK AT A DEALER (not vw) and when we check to see what is being produced it just tells us that..it can change and lately VW has been building mainly automatics in the jetta...why i don't know but they are i just had to wait 3 weeks for my silver 02 jetta 1.8t...(my friend runs a vw dealer) even here at ford we are running into tons of production problems and they are cutting back everyday due to the recession...the only cure is settle for a different color
sorry..it sucks sometimes with the car makers not the dealers good luck
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