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Anyone? Flywheel for MKIV...

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I know this is a cross post but noone seems to responed.
I want a flywheel for my 2001 2.0. I have heard the g60 will fit right in but I just want to double check b4 ordering a 200 dollar part and then spending time at the shop.
Also what type of gains am I looking at, I know it will rev faster but how much faster can I expect more power to the ground too?
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Re: Anyone? (2DoorFury)

upgrade your clutch w/ an OEM VR6 clutch kit (99.5-up) and use a lightened G60 flywheel....yes, a G60 flywheel will fit in our transmission (O2J)...you will be able hold a good amount of HP....a couple of Vortexers have done this.... http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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