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Anyone from Vic. BC here?

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I'm trying to find a few people in BC to discuss VW's in gen. I'm looking for connections, advice and a few parts. I assume the more people you know the better it is. Basically I'm looking for a few new friends. There's not too many 30 year old guys out there interested in VW's.
I'm also looking for someone who would like to or knows of someone who wants to sell their 14/15" mag wheels, either stock or aftermarket. I'm also looking for a few parts from an 80-84 rabbit gti, or cabrio, or a2 golf. I need panels, center console, tailights, seats, trunk carpet, etc...
I live in Campbell River, but make it to Vic often. E-mail or simply reply. Frank
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Re: Anyone from Vic. BC here? (aestheticculture)

My name is Scott and...... oops, wrong forum.....

oh yeah, i live in B.C.
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Re: Anyone from Vic. BC here? (TBT-PassatG60)

I guess yo yo mama (if that was his sig .. im very tired) is gone .. he sold his car ... anyway he was from the island, i think in the qualicum area
Re: Anyone from Vic. BC here? (Clubdem)

i'm not forgotten

thanks clubdem
i like to check out whats happening every once in while
http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

there about 2 vw clubs on the island
one is islandh20
the other is vwclub of victoria
i don't like to bash but none of them were very helpful to me

isalnd h2o is a small group of young people , they have a website member ship of i think 80-90 or something but only 12 people really are active

that club is more geared toward the mk1,2,3,4and 5 cars(i had a b3)
not bad people .
the other vwclub of victoria is mainly for the older aircooled vw's, nice guys people of all ages, but they are mainly air cooled.
there is one other club ,vwclub of vancouver, i think that there u will find the best tech info and be able to network the best to get parts.
other non-vw related places that are not to shabby are revscene.net(not bad to get rims and stuff like that)
and importclassiffieds.com(also for the same stuff)
u should check out vwinsider.com also, i keep hearing about that place but never got around to checking it out....
if u need a hand with anything, i would be happy to lend one
if u tell me were the 4x4 trails are up were u are........
i'm in qualicum beach
email me at [email protected]
oops allmost forgot, malahat auto wreckers is the only vw auto wrecker on the island, i checked them all.

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