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Re: Anyone have a wheel bearing go bad? What's it sound like? (Jman5000)

Wheel bearing sound begins around 10 mph, a very low frequency similar to a low humming voice. As the speed progresses, the pitch gets louder and continious. Modulation would indicate which ball or area of the race is bad (nicked agaist race) from the differet sound it makes during a cycle. Now, if it goes away at a certain speed, it's possible the sound is from something else.
CV joints make clunking sounds and constanly. To tell which CV is bad all you do turn the steering wheel l or r during your test drive. R= left outer joint, L= Right outer joint. If a squealing noise, louder when applying brakes, the anti squeal plates are loose from the last brake job. Installer did not coat brake pads and anti squeal plates with red or blue silicone (brake quite stuff). Scraping metal (disc rotor) is an indicator (Idiot sound as to Idiot light) that brake pads are worn to the metal. Some pads have a tell tail tab which scrapes the rotor to remind you a brake job is needed ASAP.
Strut bearing, steering rack bush and mcphereson struts springs make groaning and clunking sounds when your tax money did not go to the public roads and freeways for a smooth even ride. I hate California for that, I'm thinking of a taking the state to court for paint chips, punctures on tires, glass bullseye, rims getting nicked.
Sorry for long description, just wanting to help and needed to do that (ex vw factory tech). thanks for letting me vent in a small way.
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