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Anyone have experience with the "comfort system" control unit?

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Basically, what I want to do is control unlocking the trunk from the regular "unlock button" on the door panel instead of from the cubby down below.
Ive sourced the parts & wiring to relocate the fuel filler door switch to the center console, but havent figured out how to eliminate the need for a seperate trunk lock switch.
any ideas?
while im at it, what would be involved in deleting that "trunk relock" feature so that it stay unlocked once I unlock everything? I hate that feature!
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Re: Anyone have experience with the "comfort system" control unit? (KOMET155)

Why would you want to completely reroute your wires like that? We are talking about less than like 6 inches of difference in reach not to mention losing the functionality of your other doors.. To each their own I suppose but it seems like a lot of hassle for something that wouldn't be that better.
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