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Anyone have experience with the "comfort system" control unit?

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Basically, what I want to do is control unlocking the trunk from the regular "unlock button" on the door panel instead of from the cubby down below.
Ive sourced the parts & wiring to relocate the fuel filler door switch to the center console, but havent figured out how to eliminate the need for a seperate trunk lock switch.
any ideas?
while im at it, what would be involved in deleting that "trunk relock" feature so that it stay unlocked once I unlock everything? I hate that feature!
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Re: Anyone have experience with the "comfort system" control unit? (StarrDLuX)

You could just wire up a relay so that every time you unlock your doors from the switch it will unlock your trunk as well. All you have to do is get a regular bosch type relay and wire it up like this.
AT the comfort system, I believe that Yellow/green is the unlock wire (it's a negative trigger). Wire the yellow/green wire to pin 86 or the relay. Pin 85 should be wired up to a fused +12volts constant (If your already under the dash, then just look for a red wire in the ignition harness). Wire up pin 30 to ground and wire pin 87 to a brown/black wire at the comfort module. That wire should be the trunk release wire.
This should do what you want. You can also just wire a relay up in the door itself if to do the same thing.
Hope this helps.

Oh, I'm not really sure how to delete the trunk relock feature but if you send the hatch pin a negative signal while the doors are unlocked then it wouldn't relock itself. The car will think that the hatch is opened for as long as you send it the negative signal. You will find a brown/black or brown/blue wire at the hatch light that you need to send the signal to.
Good Luck.

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Re: Anyone have experience with the "comfort system" control unit? (KOMET155)

Well, I think what you are asking me is if you can just hook up your unlock button directly to the trunk release wire in the door. If that's what your asking then technically yes. But, if it were me I would wire up a relay and leave in the door (just to be safe). The unlock switch sends a negative pulse and the trunk release needs negative signal to unlock so, it will definetly work like that.
As far as being a programmable feature in the ECU...it probably is. I really don't know though. It would probably be more of a hassle for you to go the dealer and try and get them to reprogram it for you then to just run that one wire in the door.
Good luck...let me know how it turns out or if you have any more questions.
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