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Anyone have Hella 550 instructions?

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I've had a set of Hella 550 driving lights in a box for years and I FINALY decided to mount them up to the Jetta. Seems that somehow over the years the manual has gone AWOL. Everything else is there and still in the original packaging except the stupid manual.
Does anyone have a copy they could scan and email me? Or is it available somewhere online that I havn't found yet?
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Re: Anyone have Hella 550 instructions? (Bicycle019)

Yeah, I got the instructions. Huge paper sheet in 8 languages, universal for several Hella lights, models 160/181, Comet 450/500/550, Jumbo 210/220, Rallye 1000/2000. Unfortenately, I dont have a scanner connected to my new computer yet (got it 2 weeks ago), btu if no one else comes through, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
Re: Anyone have Hella 550 instructions? (PerL)

Cool thanks! I only read english so that's the only part I'm looking for..
I'll let you know in a few days if no one else responds. I've got the lamps mounted now I just need to wire them up.
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Re: Anyone have Hella 550 instructions? (Bicycle019)

i think ive got mine from my Comet 550s Ill have to look in my misc. instructions folder to see if I kept it.
Re: Anyone have Hella 550 instructions? (2035cc16v)

To anyone with Hella 550s: could you measure the opening of the light housing? I need both the vertical and horizontal measurements
I have an old set of Hella 181s (the model that was replaced by the 550) that need new lenses, and I found a clearance sale on some 550 lenses. I think they're close, but I'd like to have a better idea before I invest the money. Thanks!
Re: Anyone have Hella 550 instructions? (Kevin Rowley)

Re: Anyone have Hella 550 instructions? (Bicycle019)

lead from bulb – to terminal 87 of relay
ground lead from lamp – to ground
(either the lead in the lamp housing or by wire to an outside ground)
Relay terminals:
87 – to driving lights
86 – to ground
85 – to terminal 56a (high beam) of headlight
30/51 – to 12v positive
This will make them work with the high beam only. If you want a separate switch, you will need to splice that into the line for terminal 85.
Got a fax number? I can fax them to you.

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