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Anyone have proper procedure for cam install (incl. springs etc.)?

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I've installed one cam already but it did not require replacing the springs etc. This time around I've got to do the whole deal. No one seems to know if the valve depressor tool is required (ABA Scirocco says "no" on hydraulic valve trains). Also, my mechanic has a standard leak-down tester. Will this provide enough pressure in the cylinder to keep the valves from falling into the head? He said 80psi was no problem. Help me out everyone, I'm getting tired of using this cam for a paperweight. By the way, I'm OBD2.
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Re: Anyone have proper procedure for cam install (ABA Scirocco)

Thanks for the responses. I was thinking how cool it would be to have some sort of Vortex "pass-it-on cam installation toolkit" (I'll have to trademark that one) seeing as most of us would only use it once. Each user would just sell it forward at a reduced price making their own outlay minimal. Maybe we could sell the story to Hollywood and buy turbos for everyone.
Happy Holidays
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