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anyone have Sony digital cam

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my son ruined my disk to download pics---mgi photo suite 8.0
sony dcs-s50 what can i do
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Re: anyone have Sony digital cam (volklover)

check out the photo. forum...someone in there should know or try....seattlegli (i think) he does alot photo work http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: anyone have Sony digital cam (00BORAGLX)

I have a Sony Digital Cam and Camcorder, I have the CD you need. Still need a copy????? IM Me and if you wanna drive out to the Eastside, you can pick it up.
how ruined are they? I have the S50, and one time i had a problem with the memory stick. When I turned on the camera, it said "format error". I had to format the stick, and I lost all the pics that were on there. But its been fine ever since, over 2000 pics later.
Re: anyone have Sony digital cam (Slapshotnerd)

I think what he is saying is the Software for the Camera, Disc hat comes with the Camera, either Floppy 3.5" or CD-Rom (can't remember which came with mine) was ruined and he needs the software.
Which I still have

I can just either burn you a copy of the CD-Rom or the Floppy, which ever comes with it, not digging it out til you tell me you want it.
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Re: anyone have Sony digital cam (RedRiceGTi)

yup-its the disk i need
MGI photo suite 8.0
where are you at?
Re: anyone have Sony digital cam (volklover)

well seeing that you guys are a couple hundred miles apart, i would suggest downloading the software. I have it available on my FTP. I'll give you the details if you're interested. It's an 11 meg download....
Re: anyone have Sony digital cam (PDX Cabby)

You can download the drivers from Sony's web site. The mgi photo suite 8.0 is a image editor program and is independant to downloading pics...
Re: anyone have Sony digital cam (A-Money)

but that won't help me download my pics to the computer?will it?
that will let me screw with the pics and view them
its the disk and has the usb driver on it
Re: anyone have Sony digital cam (volklover)

this is basicly how it works:
drivers - needed to make the computer and the camera interact. When you plug the camera into the usb port it is this that allows programs and the computer to take the pictures off the camera
photosuite - allows you to take the pics from the camera and edit them. Photoshop (another photo editor) allows you to do the same thing as long as the drivers for the camera are installed
Re: anyone have Sony digital cam (PDX Cabby)

Well maybe it's different on the S50 but on the S70 I load the USB driver from Sony's site. Now when I plug the camera in via USB the drivers add a new drive in My Computer where I can copy/move the images from the Memory Stick to a local drive. From there I edit them in PhotoShop.
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