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Anyone help with figlight questions?

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Anyone help with foglight questions?

Anyone tell me the difference between factory G60 foglights, and VR6 ones? Will G60 fog's work on VR6's, etc? Thanks in advance for your help! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Re: Anyone help with figlight questions? (had1ofeverydub)

If you use G60 lights on the Slc you also have to use the G60 turns, and vise-versa
Re: Anyone help with figlight questions? (HuDuVuDu)

Are the brackets, or mounting the same? Is it just one sits further back than the other?
Re: Anyone help with figlight questions? (had1ofeverydub)

no, the VR6 has a black frame that the fog is in and the turns just snap into the frame, no screws. From what I understand the Fogs and the Turns on the G60 are two seperate pieces?
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Re: Anyone help with figlight questions? (B(C)orrado)

VR6 foglamps are "flat"
G60 foglamps have a slight flare to them
G60 turnsignals are mostly amber,some Euro which is clear
VR6 turnsignals are clear
VR6 foglamps are in a frame,the G60 ones are not,the VR6 turnsignals fit into that frame,the G60 turnsignals do not have this frame,so the bumper is slightly different.
I am sure with some deft handwork you can get the VR6 foglamps and turnsignals to work in a G60 bumper,but not sure if you can get the G60 stuff to fit into a VR6 bumper.
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