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Re: Anyone install there new Milltek yet? (skills)

I didn't purchase a milltek thru a GB but i bought it used. the install took about 2 hrs at a muffler shop. They had to cut the little metal piece on the stock frame becuz i have a 4motion valence. also, the muffler was damaged becuz the inlet part was cracked but the midpipe and resonator is new. The muffler shop said it isn't exactly bolt-on but it is used. after the install, the muffler guy told me that there is a leak becuz the clamp from the resonator to the cat was bad. anyways, here is my review.
This catback is definitely quiet. Only at low rpms does it have a rumble. The finish and looks is great. The sound is as stealthy as it can be. Any HP gain? Probably only noticeable in the higher rpms and as speeds pick up. So in 1st gear and 2nd gear there really isn't that much of a difference in pull. Maybe a little bit more smoother. 3rd gear pulls to redline smoothly and much quicker then stock catback. I cannot compare to other catbacks but i can only compare to stock and I feel that it is definitely a good investment.
hope that helps. peace.
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