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Anyone know where the ....

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the adjuster is located for the high beams, on the B6. Dealer adjusted the low beams, on the wagon yesterday, on third visit, and now the high beams are looking the space station. No light on the road. So, I thought I would lower them instead of going back to the dealer.

Modified by PassatCC75 at 9:50 AM 3-23-2010
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I'm pretty sure you can't adjust the high beams independently of the low beams.
Re: (OraLabora)

Sure you can. It's the inner bulb. There are white adjusting knobs on the back of the headlight housing. One for up/down, the other for left/right.
Re: (DubberNix)

Thanks. I hate to take it back to the dealer and have them keep it for nothing. Will try adjusting them tonight.
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