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PM replied!

I'll have some new updated pics for you ASAP but here are a few from a month ago or so. I just need to give the interior a proper cleaning before I snap pics of it...(not funky or anything just needs a good detail)

So I guess I'll put this all here and I'll copy and paste it into the email I'm sending anyone who inquires about the car.

This shot although crooked because I'm not a photographer shows the badgeless grill and the welded/filled notch for the hood. It also shows the shaved bumper (underneath the headlights where the dummy plates were for the headlight washers on the older models). This car never had headlight washers it just had some plates installed so I had my bodywork guy from Spangdahlem, Germany fill them in. Also the orange US spec sidemarker lights are shaved/filled.

That's really the extent of the bodywork that's been done to the car.

So this next shot shows the sidemarker light shave...and unfortunately it shows the huge wheel gap this thing has since I put the stock suspension back on (the stock suspension literally has like 10-15k miles on it). I had air ride on the car previously but that's since been removed and sold. This thing needs some coilovers or a decent strut/spring combo to lower it in my opinion. But I'll put some photos of what it looked like slammed so you can get the potential for coolness :)

The Rear end...

As you can see it has OEM Euro LED tails installed and re-coded to flash amber. I have new inner tails to replace the one on the right cracked when I tried to swap the red fog lens over from left to right. But the cool thing is the new ones will both be clear and you could simply use a red bulb for a rear fog. I have a eurojet 3" Turbo back exhaust w/ hi-flo cat (test pipe/cat delete comes with the car as well as the stock suspension). Unfortunately the muffler got dinged as you can tell on the right tip it's not terrible but for a perfectionist you might look into buying a new muffler from eurojet. It's loud in a good way if that's your type of thing. It also has LED license plate bulbs which adds about 50hp or so. :laugh:

Just another angle of the rear

So while I've got the keyboard warmed up I'll go over the mods.

It's a United Grey 2dr 2009 GTI it has the CBFA-TSI Motor. Basically that means it meets smog standards in California it has no real effect on performance.

It's a 6speed manual w/ Poly dog bone mount insert (significantly reduces wheel hop). I also have 42dd stainless steel shift bushings which took any and all slop out of the stock gear shift. One of the best mods I've done to the car honestly.

64,000 miles and I'm the original owner as you can tell the car has lower mileage then most it's age. It is still on the original clutch which is a testament to how I baby it while driving. Most people on APR stg2 software don't get 15k out of their stock clutch but I've been on it going on 40k. I bought it in Germany in 2008 and the car PCS'd with me to the UK in 2014.

Back seats have some minor wear from having kids in/out carseats and what not but it's nothing major. I will work on getting some good pics for you. The interior other then minor wear from 6 years of use is still really nice. It has the blackish grey leather interior (autobahn package).

APR Stg 2+ ECU tuning (fully loaded ECU) with valet mode, stock mode, and lockout. I'll provide the password with whoever buys the car.

APR claims 273 hp and 300 Tq to the crank. Take that for what it's worth but I will tell you this thing moves for a stock turbo w/ ecu tune.

Neuspeed P-flo intake w/ K&N filter attached (still have the new unused neuspeed filter as well as the stock airbox)

It has adjustable end links installed so if you plan on lowering the car you won't need to buy those or swap those out...just have to adjust and go.

I also have a carpet matched hatch subwoofer box (for a 10") that isn't installed but I can provide it with the car if I get my asking price.

Wheels are Rotiform NUE 18x8.5 painted gloss black. There is ONE wheel with some scrapes because my 5 year old son thought it would be cool to knock it over onto the concrete. The tires had a slight stretch on them so the tire didn't help at all. But it's not the worst thing in the world just being upfront! I don't have the stock wheels but I do have an extra set of winter steelies

Tires are Yoko S-drives and have about 70% tread left. Winter wheels have Yoko W-drives and are probably due to be changed out after this season is over.

Onto the BAD stuff (honestly not a lot!)

It also has a bulb out error because I have the rear fog enabled on the passenger side (since I'm in the UK it was mandatory to have it on that side) and the US spec VW doesn't like the fact that the reverse light is out. If you're PCS'ing to Germany I can help you put the wiring/coding back to having the rear fog on the left side and the car will get rid of the bulb out. At that point you'll have a unicorn MKV w/out a single warning light on the dash **GASP**

The has never been in an accident. It has been in the bodyshop for repairs 1st time was a runaway shopping cart hit my front fender (repaired/painted) and the 2nd time a short brick wall go the best of me as I was turning into a driveway and it was just some paint scrapage which again was repaired by a bodyshop. Most people would have left them alone but I'm anal about the condition of the car and both of them were cosmetic and didn't require any part replacement.

There is no major dents/damage on the car at all right now. To be expected you've got the rock chips on the hood/front of the car and there is a nickel sized dent on the driver rear qtr pnl. The rear driver fender is probably the least perfect thing about the car and is most certainly repairable if you were trying to make it to 100% show condition. Just the paint got worn in a bit from some rubbing but it's honestly nothing anyone notices.

I'm writing all of this out because I care about the car and I just want the new owner to be aware of everything on it. If I were to rate the car's condition I would say it's Very good. Bluebook value for the car right now is around 10,000 in that condition. So that's what I'm asking for it. Given all of the extras this car comes with I'd say that's very fair. I'm not trying to ask more than the car is worth because of mods but I think asking it's blue book value is a steal for the work that's been done.

Just last month I replaced the stock intake manifold and completely cleaned the intake valves of the carbon buildup these direct injection motors are notorious for. That's something people recommend every 60-70k so it's a good piece of mind knowing it's already done (I can show pictures to prove it!). I

I have a new center air vent coming because when I took the stock one out to put in a vent/gauge pod the stock one broke. New one should be here within a week or two. I also have the rear carpet/flooring foam coming in since I ditched it all when I went air ride. That will all be sorted either before I sell the car or I'll hand it over once it arrives depending on how fast this gets picked up.

I think that's enough for now I'll turn this over for any questions you might have...Hope you like what you see because it would be awesome to let this go to a fellow Vortexer!


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This is what the car looked like lowered on air with these wheels before I painted them gloss black. Just to give you an idea if you wanted to get crazy.

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